Monday, 13 June 2011

Orchis morio L.

Image credit: Danijel Balaško (white form)

Latin name: Orchis morio L.
Familia: Orchidaceae
Croatian name: Mali kaćun
English name: Green-winged meadow orchid

Up to 40 cm high perennial, with two egg-shaped tubers, round stem and a few basal leaves. The spike bears several flowers that vary in colour from rare white or purple to more common purple. Sepals form a hood instead of spreading. Leaves never spotted. Flowers very short-spurred, the lip 4-lobed, and no tooth in the acute angle between the broad lover lobes.

purple flowers


  1. Both are gorgeous but I love the deep purple color.

  2. I love your blog!! Very informative!
    I would like to ask you one thing:
    I'm going to Croatia in a few weeks and I'm looking for a book about the croatian flora. Can you recommend something for me, as I'm unable to find anything suitable. As long as there's a picture of the plant and the latin name beside it, it doesn't matter if its in Croatian or not.
    Greetings from Austria,