Sunday, 22 May 2011

Chelidonium maialis

Latin name: Chelidonium majus L.
Familia: Papaveraceae
Croatian name: Rosopas
English name: Greater Celandine

A rather greyish, sparsely hairy, bushy and errect perennial, up to 120 cm high. Leaves thin, irregularly pinnate. Flowers yellow. Fruits are long capsules bearing seeds with an elaiosome which attach to an ant dispersing them this way.
Common on walls and hedge-banks.

Cornus sanguinea L.

Latin name: Cornus sanguinea L.
Familia: Cornaceae
Croatian name: Svib
English name: Common Dogwood

Medium to large, deciduous shrub, up to 6 m high. Leaves opposite, ovate with entire margins. Flowers white; four petals. Common in wild hedges, woods and thickets, especially on chalk and lime.
Fruit is a black berry.

Galium verum L.

Latin name:  Galium verum L.
Familia: Rubiaceae
Croatian name: Proljetna broćika
English name: Yellow Bedstraw, Lady's Bedstraw

A more or less sprawling, usually hairless perennial, smelling of new-mown hay. Leaves in whorls of 8 -12 linear leaves with one vein. Flowers small, bright golden-yellow;
Grows on dry grassy places, meadows.

Galium aparine L.

Latin name: Galium aparine L.
Familia: Rubiaceae
Croatian name: Ljepljiva bročika
English name: Catchweed, Stickyjack

A herbaceous annual, with long hook tipped hairs on stems and leaves that cling to clothes or animals. The leaves are arranged in whorls of six or eight. The flowers are really tiny, white and have four petals.
Common weed in hedges that grows very quickly and shade out the other vegetation.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Geranium robertianum L.

Latin name: Geranium robertianum L.
Familia: Geraniaceae
Croatian name: Pastirska iglica
English name: Herb Robert

A hairy, rather strong-smelling annual, up to 40 cm high. Leaves triangular, fern-like, divided into 3 - 5 pinnately lobed segments. Flowers pink, 5 petals, 10 stamens; ovary has five styles grown together into a long spike.
Widespread  in a light shade in woods and bushes, also on walls and rocks.

Plant is used as herb.

Alopecurus pratensis L.

Latin name: Alopecurus pratensis L.
Familia: Poaceae
Croatian name: Mišji repak
English name: Meadow Foxtail

A hairless, tufted perennial, up to 120 cm high. Leaves roughish, long and narrow, blunt ligules. Flower spike unbranched, long, cylindrical, smooth and silky to touch. There is no upper corolla scale (palea superior) in the flower.
It is a common species on moist grassland and meadows. 

Lathyrus vernus (L.) Bernhardt

Latin name: Lathyrus vernus (L.) Berndhart
Familia: Fabaceae
Croatian name: Proljetna graholika
English name: Spring Pea, Spring Vetchling

Herbaceous perennial, up to 50 cm high bushy plant. Angled stem bears long pointed leaves and pink to violet flowers in clusters. It flowers in March and April. The fruit, about 5 cm long pod, bears several seeds. It can be found in woods, on lime rich soils.

Galium cruciata (L.) Scop.

Latin name: Galium cruciata  (L.) Scop.
Familia: Rubiaceae
Croatian name: Četverolisna broćika
English name: Crossworth

It is a common yellow Bedstraw with one-veined leaves. It is hairy, herbaceous perennial, 30 to 50 cm high, smelling of new-mown hay. The four leaves have three veins and are placed on stem in whorls, making a cross. Flowers small, yellow, with four petals, placed in whorls of the leaves.  
The plant grows in grassy places, and flowers in May and June.

Listera ovata (L.) R. Br.

Latin name: Listera ovata (L.)  R. Br.
Familia: Orchidaceae
Croatian name: Čopotac jajoliki
English name: Common Twayblade

An orchid up to 60 cm high, with distinctive single pair of broad oval, opposite unstalked leaves, low down on the stem. A long spike bears greenish flowers, with a narrow forked, down-turned unspurred lip.
It grows in woods and open grassy places form May to July.

Cephalanthera longifolia (L.) Fritsch

Latin name: Cephalanthera longifolia (L.) Fritsch
Familia: Orchidaceae
Croatian name: Dugolisna naglavica
English name: Narrow-leaved Helleborine

This graceful orchid has a narrow slender leaves and white flowers. It is a perennial plant growing from a rhizome. The leaves may be up to 15 cm long (hence the name "longifolia") and are placed all along the stem.
The flowers have pointed sepals 10-15 mm long arranged in a long inflorescence. Flowering time: May to July.
It grows in woods.

Lathraea squamaria L.

Latin name: Lathraea squamaria L.
Familia: Orobanchaceae
Croatian name: Potajnica
English name: Common Toothwort

A low, unbranched, slightly hairy pink perennial. It is usually 20 cm high, with no leaves but broad scales (squamae) up the stem. It grows in clumps as a parasite on the roots of various shrubs and trees, especially Hazel.
Flowers are set on short stalks, two-lipped, pink, drooping in a one-sided spike. Fruits are egg-shaped. It can be found in woods and hedges in April and May.