Monday, 25 April 2011

Lamium album L.

Name: Lamium album L.
Familia: Lamiaceae
Croatian name: Bijela mrtva kopriva
English name: White Dead Nettle

This plant is native to Europe and Western Asia growing in variety of habitats form woodland to open grassland, but always on moist, but well drained and fertile soils.
It is herbaceous perennial plant, up to 100 cm tall, with four angled stems and triangular serrate leaves. The plant is covered with hairs but they do not sting.
White flowers are produced on the upper part of the stems and are arranged in whorls. Nectar at the base of tubular flowers is reachable only to bumblebees and  other long-tongued insects.

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Mechanical tissue (collenchyma) in the very corner of the four angled stem gives it the sturdiness. Closer to the centre you can see vascular tissue. 

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