Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Paris quadrifolia L.

image credit: Danijel Balaško

Name: Paris quadrifolia L.
Familia: Melanthiaceae (ex Liliaceae) 
Croatian name: Petrov križ
English name: One-berry, Herb Paris

Perennial plant, up to 40 cm tall, with creeping, scaly rhizome. Stem upright, bearing four whorled leaves (hence the name quadrifolia) and a flower at the top. As seen on the picture, five leaves also appear.
It flowers in May and June in woodland and forests on moist, humus rich soil.
The fruit is a blackish-blue berry containing up to 20 seeds.

The plant is poisonous but it serves as antidote to mercury and arsenic poisoning.

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  1. The arrangement leaves plants like flower petals. Yours