Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Leucojum vernum L.

image credit: Danijel Balaško

Name: Leucojum vernum L.
Family: Amaryllidaceae 
Croatian name: Proljetni drijemovac
English name: Spring Snowflake

This is a perennial plant native to central and southern Europe, but it is naturalized in many other areas such as North America. It is also popular garden plant. It grows from the bulb, appearing in early Spring after snowdrops. 
It is usually 20 cm high. Single stem bears one white flower. The flower make 6 tepals with a green spot on their tips, 6 anthers and one pistil. Loves rich and moist soil and can be found on wet meadows and woods.

Like snowdrop, Leucojum is protected species in Croatia.

image credit : Wikipedia

The plant is poisonous.


  1. Is protected, and it's a wonderful harbinger of spring. Yours

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