Sunday, 6 March 2011

Helleborus dumetorum W.K.

Name: Helleborus dumentorum W.K.
Family: Ranunculaceae
Croatian name: Sitnocvjetni kukurijek
English name: hellebore

This perennial plant appears in late Winter and early Spring (February to March) in woodlands. The genus is native to Europe, but the greatest concentration of species occurs in the Balkans. 
It is a perennial plant that grows from rhizome. Flowers have five petals and are green in colour. They have many stamens and pistils. Leaves are basal, serrate, pedate with 9-12 segments.
Fruit is follicle.

Image: Tim Murphy (taken in Croatia).

For more on helleborus see HERE

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  1. A mnie pąkom ciemiernika trochę ostatni mróz zaszkodził. Mam nadzieję, ze i tak zakwitną. Pozdrawiam