Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Erythronium dens-canis L.

Image credit: Danijel Balaško

Name: Erythronium dens-canis L.
Famila: Liliaceae
Croatian name: Pasji zub
English name: Dog's Tooth Violet

This is spring flowering perennial plant that grows on moist meadows and forests in the beginning of Spring. The flower has six tepals violet in colour and folded backwards. They remind to one of cyclamen, but they are much larger. There are six anthers and one pistil in the flower. Rarely, the flowers may be also white. One single stem bears one flower. The two ground level leaves have reddish-brown spots on the surface but, there are also leaves without spots to be found.
The plant grows from a large bulb that looks like dog's tooth; hence the name. Fruit is capsula containing lots of seeds that are distributed by ants.

There are many cultivars derived from Erythronium species that find their use in horticulture.

The species is protected in Croatia.


  1. Buy these beautiful and delicate flowers and bulbs Put in your rock garden. Yours

  2. When I saw your pics it reminded me of our native Fawn Lily... and lo, it is another Erythronium but ours is species oreganum (appropriate to our locale). Here's a link to description:

  3. Yes, there about 30 species of Erythronium around the world, and E. dens-canis is the only species of it in Croatia.