Sunday, 20 March 2011

Allium ursinum L.

Name: Allium ursinum L.
Familia: Liliaceae
Croatian name: Medvjeđi luk, srijemuš, crijemuš
English name: Ramsons

Perennial plant that grows from a oval, 2-6 cm long bulb. The plant appears in Spring in woods, mostly on moist, rich humus ground often in a very large number. It flowers from April to June. it is native to Europe and western Asia. 
There are usually two long ovate leaves that come from the bulb, and one stem bearing the group of white flowers. Fruit is capsulla bearing several black seed. the whole plant has a scent characteristic to onion family.

Image credit: Danijel Balaško

The plant is edible. It is used as medicinal plant: diuretic, antiseptic, skin cure;


  1. I remember this from Switzerland. Baerlauch. Smells strongly of garlic, even if you walk thru the woods past it ...

    I'm disappointed, your avatar doesn't wave at me any more ;~(

  2. I had it in the hands and the smell of a long felt. Yours