Monday, 4 October 2010

Prunus padus L.

Name: Prunus padus L.
Croatian name: Sremza
English name: Bird Cherry, Hagberry
Family: Rosaceae

This is up to 16 m high, deciduous tree that can be found in Europe and Eurasia. It grows in the woods in moist soil.
The white flowers are clustered in racemes. It flowers in Spring.
The flowers are white; have five petals and five sepals. Flowers are hermaphroditic and pollinated by bees.

 The fruit is dark red (almost black) "cherry", readily eaten by birds.
The leaves are elliptical, with serrate margins.

The Bird Cherry is used as decorative species in parks and gardens.

Location: Lipik


  1. Hi Kalipso...Just drop here through Blotanical..
    Nice Pic...hope this plant can grow here...but didn't, the climate here cannot grow this plant. But i like cherry blossom very much...we can eat this fruit? Is it same with others cherry?

    Happy Gardening.

  2. I did not eat it, it is smaller than cherry we eat, but birds love it. I guess it it not so sweet as our hybrid cherries.

  3. I like this flower very much! it reminds me of japanese sakura.