Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Alliaria officinalis Andrz.

Name: Alliaria officinalis Andrz.
syn. Alliaria petiolata (M. Bieb.) Cavara & Grande
Croatian name: Češnjača
English name: Garlic mustard
Family: Brassicaceae

This is biennial plant growing from a deep tap root. Plant grows to 1 m tall. Triangularly shaped leaves have toothed margins and smell of garlic when crushed. The white flowers have four petals and
are clustered at the end of the stem. Fruit: silique
Plant produces lots of small, black seeds.

The plant is edible.

Location: Lipik

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Gagea pulsilla (Schm.) R. S.

Name: Gagea pulsilla (Schm.) R. S.
Croatian name: Baloče cjevasto
English name: Yellow Star of Bethlehem
Family: Liliaceae

Similar to Gagea lutea, only the leaves are very narrow, almost tubular. It flowers in March and April.

Location: Lipik

Gagea lutea L.

Name: Gagea lutea (L.) Ker.G.
syn. Gagea sylvatica L.
Croatian name: Baloče
English name: Yellow Star of Bethlehem
Family: Liliaceae

The plant grows in dump deciduous forests in early Spring. It can be found in Europe and west Asia. There is one bulb in the ground from which usually one leaf and one flower stem forms. The leaf is broad and lance-late. Flower stem carries up to 5 star-like yellow flowers. Flower consists of six tepals.
It flowers in March and April.

Location: Lipik

Monday, 4 October 2010

Prunus padus L.

Name: Prunus padus L.
Croatian name: Sremza
English name: Bird Cherry, Hagberry
Family: Rosaceae

This is up to 16 m high, deciduous tree that can be found in Europe and Eurasia. It grows in the woods in moist soil.
The white flowers are clustered in racemes. It flowers in Spring.
The flowers are white; have five petals and five sepals. Flowers are hermaphroditic and pollinated by bees.

 The fruit is dark red (almost black) "cherry", readily eaten by birds.
The leaves are elliptical, with serrate margins.

The Bird Cherry is used as decorative species in parks and gardens.

Location: Lipik