Saturday, 11 September 2010

Spiranthes spiralis (L.) Chev.

Name: Spiranthes spiralis (L.) Chev.
Croatian name: Zasukica
English name: Autumn Lady's-tresses
Familia: Orchidaceae

I must admit I haven't seen this orchid anywhere in the nature before, although it is one of the orchid species belonging to the Croatian flora. I photographed this one on the lawn in my garden! I spotted it last year by mowing wondering where it came from! It is an interesting plant, probably rare and now my garden little treasure.
It is a long-lived perennial with a tuberous root. The lower leaves are oval.

The stem has no leaves. The main characteristic of this orchid is spiral inflorescence. It blooms in late August and September. The flowers are white and they open from the bottom to the top of the stem. They are pollinated mainly by bees and bumblebees.



The plant prefers well drained, alkaline soil.

Location: Lipik


  1. What a beautiful white flower. I especially love flowers that grow along spikes. I look forward to seeing more of the beautiful plants that grow in Croatia.

    BTW, thank you very much for the Blotanical fave. I am very flattered and appreciate it :-)

  2. Nice orchid...I also collected this type of orchid, but in my country, only have purple color.
    It's quite difficult to find 'alba' form (white) color here.