Saturday, 25 September 2010

Rosa canina L.

Name: Rosa canina L.
Croatian name: Pasja ruža
English name: Dog-rose
Family: Rosaceae

This is the beautiful wild rose deciduous bush with long arching branches. It grows in bright woods, solitary in the fields, or in natural hedges often growing through the other bushes. The bark is brownish, on young branches green and smooth. The bush has strong, very widely spread root system.
The stems are covered with small, hooked prickles that help it in climbing. The leaves are serrate, shiny and green, pinnate with five to eight leaflets.

The flowers are usually pale pink, but variate from white to dark pink. It flowers from May to June.The flower has five petals, five sepals an numerous stamens. It is pollinated by bees.
The aggregate fruit is called the rose hip, and contains a number of hard, hairy achenes.

NB. The rose hips contain lots of vitamin C and are used in medicine and cosmetic industry. Tea and marmalade can be made of rose hips.

Location: Lipik

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