Saturday, 25 September 2010

Galeopsis speciosa Mill.

Name: Galeopsis speciosa Mill.   
Croatian name: Naočiti šupljozub
English name: Large Hemp Nettle    
Family: Lamiaceae
Annual, up to 1m high herbaceous plant. Can be found in woodland, prefers moist acid soil and semi-shade.
The stem is angular, swollen under nodes. All parts of the plant are covered with hairs.
Leaves are ovate, pointed, with dentate margins.

Calyx tubular, haired. Corolla 2.5 to 3 cm long,; yellow upper lips and violet lower lip. Side lips have three lobes with two horn-like projections. The flowers are clustered in whorls. Flowers from July to September.
Fruit: nutlet (single seeded).

NB. The plant is described as poisonous, has some use as medicinal plant. Oil derived from the seeds is used as leather polish.

Location: Lipik

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