Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Campanula patula L.

Name: Campanula patula L.
Croatian name: Patuljasti zvončić
English name: Spreading Bellflower
Familia: Campanulaceae

This is biennial (rarely perennial) plant, up to 50 cm tall. It can be found on fields and meadows, mostly on deep, slightly acid soils.
Upright stems grow up from the thin roots, having lanceolate narrow upper leaves. Lower leaves are rounded.
Bell shaped flowers (violet to blue-violet, rarely white in colour) make panicles on the top of the stems. There are five partly fused pointed petals.


It flowers from may to August. Fruit is capsule containing numerous small seeds.

Location: Lipik


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  3. Thank you. I must admit, it is harder than I thought because the info about species have to be true! Although I know Croatian flora very well, I always have to be careful when naming the plants correctly. I guess I will have more time in winter to add new posts. Now my garden takes a lot of my spare time.